Friday, February 17, 2012

Go-To Hot Sauces

Wow, I'm such a slacker! It's been weeks, but I've been busy redoing my room and living life so that's my excuse. However, today I wanted to blog about my 3 go-to hot sauces since I pretty much live for hot sauce.

1. Cholula

This was the first hot sauce I ever liked! I worked at a Tex Mex/Cajun restaurant for 3 years and was surrounded by flavor. One of the servers used to pour so much of this into sour cream and dip chips in it for a snack. As soon as I tried, I was hooked! The best thing about Cholula is that you don't get slapped in the face with spice; the pepper flavor is really bold and delicious with just a hint of spice at the end. I put this on my eggs, in my lean cuisines, and on stir fry. For those afraid to start using hot sauce on a more regular basis, this is a great beginners sauce. They also have chili lime, chipotle, and chili garlic flavors.

2. Sriracha

This is a spicy one, for sure. Too much of this could make you cry, but in a good way! My sister used to keep this in the house and I didn't try it until this past summer. Now, I am an addict. As you can see from a handful of recipes I have posted on the blog, I put Sriracha in a variety of dishes. My favorite use for it is breakfast. Whether it be breakfast sandwiches, huevos rancheros, omelets, or pretty much anything with ketchup, I automatically go for this hot sauce. It has a very strong and distinct chili flavor that is oh so delicious. I make Sriracha sour cream all the time for nachos or plain chips, and I always pair shrimp with this sauce.

3. Frank's Red Hot Wings

Frank's has been the go-to buffalo sauce since 1964 (fun fact, I've been to the bar where buffalo wings were first introduced!). There are 8 varieties of the product including original, original thick, XTRA hot, sweet chili, chili n' lime, buffalo wings, hot buffalo wings, and kickin' BBQ. I usually opt for the wings sauce, since it is spicier than the original. Depending on the crowd, I might even go for the hot buffalo when making my buffalo chicken dip. I often put this right into my egg batter when making scrambles in the morning, and obviously I add it to my chicken stir fry to make it buffalo style. Frank's has a very distinct flavor that others try to copy all the time, but there is only one original!