Monday, November 21, 2011

My Favorite Breakfast Sandwich

I don't know why I haven't blogged about this before, seeing as how I eat them a few times a week. I'm talking about breakfast sandwiches. Now in my blog about food I don't like that makes people angry/confused, I mentioned that I don't like going out for breakfast. However, I love making breakfast at home or having my dad make it for me (he's seriously the best breakfast man ever!). I don't have a ton of time in the morning, but I make sure I leave at least 15 minutes to eat breakfast, drink coffee, and read the funny pages (yes I still do that).

Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich
2 Eggs
1/4 Cup Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese (Cabot shredded is best, reduced fat if you want)
1 Arnold Sandwich Thin (I use multigrain)
Sriracha (Asian hot sauce)

First things first, open the sandwich thin and put the cheese on the top piece. Place in the toaster oven and cook on medium/light. While this is cooking, take out a bowl with a round bottom. Butter the bowl and the sides (cooking tip: turn a zip-lock bag inside out, put your hand in the bag, and butter on the outside of the bag. When you finish buttering, simply turn the bag right side out, seal it, and throw it away). Put one whole egg and just the whites of the second egg into the bowl. If you like your yolk hard, poke it with a fork before cooking. Place plastic wrap over the bowl and microwave for 1 minute and 15 seconds.

When the cheesy bread is done, squirt ketchup and Sriracha on the top half (as much as you desire). The egg will be hot, so I use a spoon to help get it from the bowl to the bottom half of the bread. Place the top half on the egg and you have completed your sandwich!

I like to eat spicy food for breakfast because it wakes up my mouth. You can omit the Sriracha, substitue for a different hot sauce, and add anything else you like to the sandwich (bacon, sausage, onions, etc).

Enjoy :)

Nutrition Facts:
Calories: 272
Protein: 22g
Sodium: 700mg
Carbs: 25g